Destination Wedding Planning

 I would like to say thank you SO much for your interest in CM Events Destination Wedding Planning with Barefoot Bridal. My clients are my number one priority here, and it’s so important that I answer any questions or concerns you may have about my services before booking with me. When booking your vendors, it is absolutely essential, especially with your wedding planner, that you establish expectations from the very beginning. One of the most common questions I receive from potential clients is whether or not you actually need a wedding planner. It should come as no surprise that my answer is a resounding, unequivocal YES! As your wedding planner, YOU are my number one priority – not the venue or your other vendors. I am more than happy to mediate any issues you may have with your vendors, and I promise to be honest with you throughout the process. Ensuring that you are taken care of and that your needs and expectations are met is something that I take very seriously, and I pride myself in working with my clients to make sure that both the wedding planning process AND your wedding day are an incredible, memorable experience.
The payment schedule would be as follows: 
Retainer fee of $250 due upon the signing of your agreement. 
Remaining balance due within 3 months.
If you are interested in moving forwarding with booking CM Events for your wedding planning, please select the "Plan My Dream Wedding" contract button below. You will receive an invoice after the contract is signed and it will be due within 7 days. CM Events requires a signed agreement and retainer fee to begin any planning or advisement. The pricing in  contract/proposal is available for up to one month. I appreciate you taking the time to look over this information, and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns at all. Best regards, and once again, CONGRATULATIONS! 
Much love and happiness,
Candice Patterson- CM Events, Creative Director and Planner

Barefoot Bridal Planning Dept.


Step 1

Discuss Travel Options and Destinations with Barefoot Bridal. Barefoot Bridal specializes in choosing the best options and destinations for your wedding weekend. Each bride works directly with one travel specialist, while their team works as a whole to make sure everything is taken care of as quickly and correctly as possible. 



Schedule a Phone Consultation with CM Events (Planning Dept. for Barefoot Bridal) if you would like additional information about destination wedding consulting and planning services. During this call I will get to know more about you, we will discuss your vision and whether you need just full planning +design concierge/consulting or weekend wedding coordination as well.


Step 3

Sign contract + pay invoice, then all the wedding planning fun begins! Click Plan My Dream Wedding to review and sign agreement.